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Landscapers "Superpunk EP" – MTRDEP025

Are there still any talented D&B producers in Western Europe ? For those who would need a proof — and for all the other listeners ! — Mindtech HQ immediately advise the listening of ‘Superpunk’ EP, from the brilliant Landscapers.

This EP is the outcome of a long term job, which let him enough time to take care over the building of every single tune, so that each element can find its place. The result: 4 complementary pieces, for a neuro-explosive ‘Superpunk’ EP, to be enjoyed in your iPod or on the dancefloor !

The very singularity of Landscapers’ work, is the strong care he provides to the melodies, perfectly fitting the rhythm section of every of his tracks. In ‘Arachnoise‘, first: « I love to put an orchestral touch on my tracks, it links real instruments with electronic elements and it brings a curious feel to the song. ‘Arachnoise’ is a good exemple. In ‘Battle AXE‘, I particularly enjoyed using the Alto violin! »

Superpunk‘ gives all its meaning back to the funk side of neuro. ‘Superpunk’ is super funk, the electronic breath along ! « I aimed to build unexpected drops and surprising melodies. Recorded and over-sampled slap bass sound. »

The ethereal electro sound of ‘So Magical‘ isn’t hiding the broken dynamic of the tune for a very long time : « It is one of my hardest project so far. I remember having switched from one to another software only because the mixdown sounded bad! Still, ‘So Magical’ is a very personal tune… »

You’ve now certainly understood that ‘SuperpunkEP is already a must-have of your forthcoming playlists !


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Sale of the digital release @ all other online stores including BEATPORT & ITUNES will start from 3 January 2012.


Landscapers is a French electronic music producer, producing mainly Drum & Bass but has also already released some tracks on a more ambient side of thing.

Exploring all the styles he likes and looking for experimental sounds, his influences are mainly among Drum & Bass, IDM and Hardcore artists such as Teebee, Micropoint, Phace, Androgyn Network, The Flashbulb, Aphex Twin, Tieum, Drokz…

Already getting a couple of Drum & Bass releases on a few interesting D&B labels, Landscapers’ ‘Superpunk’ EP incoming on Mindtech Recordings is the result of a whole year of hard work and no doubt that every single tune of it is going to smash the dancefloor.


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