Perfect Unknown aka ivic aka Nicola Panzanini, born in Ferrara (Italy) started composing music at the age of 15. Multi instrument player in many bands over the years, he was shocked when he listened to jungle music for the first time at a party in Bologna in 1993. Sound engineer, studio assistant in some italian productions for major labels, occasional sound designer for IK Multimedia, FOH sound engineer in many gigs, dj, electronic music composer since 1989. Appeared as “ivic” on the dnb cd-mix compilations and played at the related parties of the nationally well known dnb event called “Italian bassline” (1 – mixed by Filthy Rich , 2 – mixed by Simon “Bassline” Smith, 3 – mixed by the Bologna LINK club crew). In 2007 started the drum’n’bass project called Hallucinator with a couple of friends (djnk, geenobronx), which he’s currently out of.