Christopher Wehsner started his musical education at the early age of 5 when he took up the piano as his first musical instrument. Soon after he realized he wasn’t satisfied, he went on a search for a ‘trendier’ instrument, which was based in his opinion: the drumset. Regular drum lessons began at the age of 10 and since then he has been active in a number of bands and played gigs across Austria; all in the genres Rock and Metal. Christopher (aka Wreckage Machinery) started producing dnb back in 2006. His first tunes were mainly collaborations with other producers like The Square with whom he had several releases since then. Wreck’s first releases were on free labels such as Darkland, Chase and Mushcore Recordings in 2007, but it didnt took a long time until Deals with digital Labels followed. His first commercial release was a collaboration with The Square called “Movement” on Mind Inside Recordings, followed by his own first EP called Take Care, featuring remixes by The Square and Zoom on Esprit Records. In autumn 2008 Wreckage Machinery released together with Hemoglobin a tune called Streak on the neurofunk label Ammunition Recordings, which recieved a lot of good critics. Since then Wreck has had several releases in the sub-genre of neurofunk and also liquid dnb. 2009 has been a great year for Wreckage Machinery. He noticed more and more people were listening to his music and started supporting him. In late September 2009, Wreckage Machinery released again an EP, titled “Autumn Nights EP” ,which was a collaboration with Dirrrty B, on the czech Digital Label Esprit Records. This Release recieved a big possitive Response by the worldwide drum and bass community. In Fall 2009 Wreck was signed to germany-based Neurofunk-Monster “Trust in Music” on which he has now a few Tracks forthcoming. 2010 starting with an Interview for C-Heads Magazine and winning the Influenza Media Remix Competition with his Grey Skin Remix, Wreckage Machinery had a great start and it didnt took too long until his collaboration with Ketz, called “Damnation” was noticed and played by Nerm from BBC Asia. 2010 was also marked with a little Europe Tour he did together with “The Square” through several countries. Starting off the following year with gigs in Granada, Honolulu and Vienna, 2011 brought great attention to him. With his first Neurofunk album forthcoming on Trust in Music, his first Vinyl Release on Sinuous Recordings, and his own Podcast Series co-hosted by Uk-based Xilent the year should be remembered.